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Early Resolution of Complaints

The following are samples of the types of complaints settled through our Voluntary Resolution process of Commission Directed Mediation.


  • Complainant alleged he was terminated after the employer failed to accommodate his disability. The Respondent denied discrimination and alleged that the Complainant did not disclose the disability until after the termination. A settlement was reached in less than a week which saw general damages being paid to the Complainant, along with a revised termination letter and a reference letter.
  • The Complainant alleged discrimination on the basis of disability and sex when his employer failed to accommodate his mental health issues and some of his duties were assigned to a female co-worker. The complainant resigned his employment because he felt the employer failed to address these issues. The Respondent denied any discrimination on the basis of disability or sex. Mediation resulted in a settlement of general damages, an apology and a reference letter. The complaint was resolved within three months.

Criminal Conviction /Employment

  • The Complainant alleged he was terminated from his employment on the basis of his criminal conviction. The employer denied that the criminal conviction played a role and the real issue was the dishonesty of the employee. Within 3 months of being referred to VRP, the parties reached an agreement that saw the Complainant reinstated to his position.
  • The Complainant alleged that despite being granted an interview, he was not considered for a job opportunity once his Certificate of Conduct revealed prior criminal convictions. The Respondent argued the convictions were related to his employment. A settlement was reached within 2 weeks. The Respondent agreed to pay general damages to the Complainant and to have human rights training.

Sex/Harassment and Employment

  • The Complainant alleged harassment and discrimination in the workplace as a result of a co-worker’s inappropriate comments and behavior. Despite reporting the incident, the Complainant stated the employer failed to deal with the harassment which resulted in her resigning her position. A settlement, which took approximately 3 months, resulted in general damages being paid.

Gender Identity/Employment

  • Complainant alleged she was discriminated against in the workplace on the basis of her gender identity. The Respondent denied there was any discrimination. A settlement was reached in 3 months with the employer paying general damages.

If you would like more information on the types of awards that are made please contact us here.