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Rebuttal Form

  • This Rebuttal Form gives you a chance to respond to the Reply Form. Do not introduce any new arguments or repeat anything you already said in the Complaint Form.

    It is also your chance to send us additional documents or records and a list of your witnesses.

    Before you start:

    • Read the Complaint Form and the Reply Form carefully.

    • Keep your answers brief. You will get more chances to comment later.

    Fill out all fields marked with an asterisk (*).

    You will not be able to save this document. Fill it out all at once or answer the questions in a separate word document and then cut and paste your answers back into this Form.

  • This number is at the top of the Complaint Form.
    • Learn more about the Executive Director's dismissal power here.
  • Drop files here or
  • Drop files here or
  • A witness is a person who saw or heard any of the allegations in the dispute. The Human Rights Commission may contact your witnesses to find out more information.
    • The Respondent will get a copy of your Rebuttal Form.
    • We disclose all relevant information (except any personal contact information) to the Respondent.
    • You can always talk to the Commission's mediator to try to resolve the complaint.
    • We review the complaint and decide if further investigation is needed. We will notify you of this decision.
  • *The collection and disclosure listed above is authorized under sections 61(c) and 68(1)(b) of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015. If you have any questions regarding this collection or disclosure please contact the Human Rights Commission at 729-2709 or 1-888-563-5808.

    The information in this Rebuttal Form will be disclosed to the Respondent(s). Your personal contact information will not be given to the Respondent(s) or any person or organization outside the Commission unless required by law (e.g. Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015.)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.