Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission is an independent at arm’s length government agency that is responsible for promoting an understanding of, acceptance of, and compliance with the provisions of the Human Rights Act.

The Human Rights Act is a provincial law that protects people in Newfoundland and Labrador from discrimination and harassment. The Human Rights Act recognizes the inherent dignity and worth of all people, that we all have equal rights and opportunities and should live free from discrimination and harassment.

If you feel you’ve been discriminated against or harassed or you’re an employer or a service provider that has questions about human rights please contact us to talk directly to one of our staff.

You have one year after the last incident of discrimination or harassment to file an official complaint. A complaint becomes official when it is signed and returned to our office. There is no charge to contact our office or to file a complaint.

Want to Get Right with Human Rights?

The Human Rights Commission is available to deliver presentations and workshops on human rights protections to groups in Newfoundland and Labrador. There is no charge for conducting a presentation.